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Alan Lipschultz, President of HCTC

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Bryan Slaughter, Medical Device Attorney, Partner @ Michie Hamlett​

Bryan Slaughter web link

“Mr. Lipschultz did an excellent job for us in a complicated, document intensive products liability case involving a medical device. Tens of thousands of pages were produced by the defendant, and Mr. Lipschultz was extremely helpful in zeroing in on those that really mattered. He also offered clear opinions regarding how the product was defective that he supported with industry literature and standards. I would be welcome the opportunity to work with Mr. Lipschultz again.”​

Peter Mullenix, Medical Device Attorney, Partner @ Friedman | Rubin​
Peter Mullenix web link “Mr. Lipschultz has an impressive body of knowledge and experience in hospital administration and the medical device industry, as well as the regulations each must abide. He tops this off with a background in electrical engineering, making him extraordinarily versatile. He is also not afraid to tell you when you need different expertise; and was even willing to locate another expert to supplement his own opinions. His professionalism, availability, and timely turnaround is also impressive. If you need special knowledge to help you evaluate the conduct of a hospital or medical device company, I fully recommend him.”​
Steve Campbell, COO and Executive Director of the AAMI Foundation
Steve Campbell web link “Alan Lipschultz is one of the most dedicated healthcare technology professionals I know. Over the last 15 years, I’ve come to admire Alan for his critical thinking skills and his keen insights, his excellent writing skills, his incredible work ethic, and his ability to be at the forefront of trends and challenges facing the profession. As the COO of AAMI, I know I can always count on Alan’s analytical mind and problem-solving abilities to help resolve issues and move projects along. He’s dependable, curious, and deeply knowledgeable about clinical care environments and technology challenges. His many years of front lines management of healthcare technology make him ideally suited for consulting in this field. He has a winning combination of skills and experience that make him an invaluable expert.”
John Gagliardi, Medical Malpractice Attorney @ Luvera Law Firm

John Gagliardi web link

“My firm retained Alan on a complex medical device case. He did an excellent job sifting through a significant amount of information and finding some key points for our case. He is very knowledgeable, was thorough and well prepared. He did a great job for us.”

Scott Skinner, Healthcare Executive, Norton Healthcare
Scott Skinner web link “Alan provided an external assessment of many aspects of our Clinical Engineering program. His findings were detailed and accurate, and his subsequent recommendations were intelligent and realistic. Sometimes consultants only leverage their personal prior experiences when making recommendations. I feel that Alan operates with a broad industry perspective, thinking (excuse the cliche) outside the box. He facilitated discussions that drove introspection and innovation, including at the “C” level within our organization.”
William "Butch" Crouse, Manager desktop/mobile/Enterprise apps @ Christiana Care Health System
William “Butch” Crouse web link “One thing about Alan is he didn’t worry about titles when it came to getting a project completed. In his mind it was a team effort in order to accomplish project goals. I recall one instance when we had to move equipment from one location to another and Alan did not hesitate in assisting picking up and moving the equipment. There are not too many Directors I know who would roll up their sleeves and help in that fashion. I work in Information Technology and have also noticed over the years that Alan understood technology. With more and more devices today there is that fine line between IT and Clinical Engineering and having a person like Alan eased the need for an IT resource attending various vendor meetings or conference calls because Alan could understand detail discussed and relay information back to IT. Alan has passion in what he does and any organization will benefit from having him as an employee.”
Jim Martucci, Sr. Director, Technology Assessment & Scouting @ Baxter International Inc.
Jim Martucci web link Alan assisted us with a complex medical device safety assurance case development, he was very diligent, hard-working and thoughtful in his reviews, willing to share his extensive experiences as a clinical engineer and medical device expert witness in acute care medical devices, as well as relevant published literature. Alan was a great independent voice and asset to our team, I recommend him to those in need of his services.