Alan Lipschultz

President of HealthCare Technology Consulting, Alan Lipschultz PE, CCE, CSP, CPPS

He has over 40 years’ professional experience in the healthcare industry serving as Director of Clinical Engineering at two major hospitals.

Alan is active at the national level and has the following to awards and memberships:

Alan additionally holds several professional certifications:

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Clinical Engineering

Our evaluations of your circumstances are filtered by our years of experience in this field. 


Forensic Engineering

We explain technical subjects to non-technical people. We work collaboratively with clinicians and risk managers to determine root and secondary causes of events.


Expert Witness

We have worked for both plaintiffs and defendants in multiple cases involving a variety of medical malpractice and/or product liability issues.


Patient Safety and Risk

We have worked with healthcare providers, manufacturers, and independent test labs to mitigate risks.


Systems Integration

Strategic management of data can make dramatic improvements in the practice and economics of healthcare. Our expertise spans both worlds and can be put to use for your benefit.


Device Improvement

We are engineers with a lifetime of experience embedded with clinicians – we speak both languages fluently and can bridge the gap for you and your customers for everyone’s benefit. We are outside technical reviewer with real world perspective.