Patient Safety & Risk

Patient Safety Medical Devices and EquipmentAll of the stakeholders in the medical device chain are committed to patient safety and the reduction of risks. Someone from outside an organization can sometimes help a group see issues that insiders have missed. We have worked with healthcare providers, manufacturers, and independent test labs to mitigate risks before they create hazards.

Hospitals are very complex systems within systems.  Most of the personnel within hospitals are either clinicians or administrators. We bring enough clinical and hospital administrative experience within hospitals to understand what is going on in those organizations.  We add a broad technical perspective that allows us to add a different dimension during discussions about how to improve patient safety and reduce risk.

The president of Healthcare Technology Consulting, Alan Lipschultz, CCE, PE, CSP, CPPS is a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) and a member of the American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety at the National Patient Safety Foundation.

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