Forensic Engineering

ForensicEngineering | Medical Device Investigation at HCTCIn the clinical environment things sometimes go very wrong. Devices may fail in a multitude of ways and for a variety of reasons, users may make errors, and patients may be injured. Forensic engineering is a process whereby the cause(s) of the failures are discovered. The information learned is communicated to the various stakeholders such that improvement may be achieved and the likelihood of recurrence reduced.

We are used to the role of explaining technical subjects to non-technical people. When working for hospitals or other healthcare organizations, we will work collaboratively with clinicians and risk managers to determine root and secondary causes of events. When working for patients or manufacturers, we know how healthcare organizations are supposed to work and therefore what questions should be asked.

If warranted, we have access to several testing laboratories to do physical analysis of devices or accessories involved in an event.

We can prepare written statements as to our findings. If needed, these written statements can be used during legal proceedings.

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