Expert Witness

Expert Witness

HCTC Specialized in Expert Witness ServicesLitigation may result when things go wrong in the clinical environment. We have worked for both plaintiffs and defendants in multiple cases; these cases have involved a wide variety of medical malpractice and/or product liability issues. As professional engineers our scientific and technical observations are admissible in court, and can make a valuable difference.

We can be used by lawyers to evaluate a case and help determine whether a claim has merit.

We have the oral and written communication skills to effectively explain technical matters to a lay audience by means of a written report and/or testimony.

We can prepare demonstrative evidence to what happened as part of an event.

The president of Healthcare Technology Consulting, Alan Lipschultz, CCE, PE, CSP, CPPS is a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association.

We have the connections to obtain other, more specialized, expert witnesses if warranted. When that happens, we supervise their work.